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White Jedi Mind Fuck

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Buy White Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms Online

Buy White Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms Online. The White Jedi Mind Fuck (WJMF), also known as Albino Jedi Mind Fuck, is a very potent albino Psilocybe cubensis resulting from the breeding of an Albino A+ to the mysterious mind-bending Jedi Mind Fuck.
WJMF is said to be a British Columbian creation dating back from early 2000s, and even if some shady names pop here and there, the origins behind its genetics remain uncertain.

In the magic mushroom community, some people report its ancestor, Jedi Mind Fuck, was found growing in ruminant dung in Georgia, while its subtropical parent, Albino A+, is a well-established magic mushroom, popular for its beautiful ghosty-white hue and its balanced, elevating potency. Some debate that AA+ is a true albino thus arguing WJMF is one as well.

Just like Big White Monster cubensis, White Jedi Mind Fuck appears to be an ambiguous leucistic/albino hybrid. It has a potency similar to the strongest strains out there such as APE, Psilocybe Azurescens or P. semilanceata. With both parents being extremely potent, prolific fruiters, and aggressive colonizer, the White Jedi Mind Fuck is a fierce magic mushroom strain sought after by both growers and consumers.

White Jedi Mindfuck’s sizeable silver-white caps blossom on typically sturdy white stems that easily bruises bluish. Like the Lizard King cubensis, the Albino Goldies, the milder Z strain, WJMF is a psilocybin-packed specie reserved for both experienced psychonauts or cautious beginners. Its high potency makes it a good candidate for effective micro-dosing. If you are looking to enhance your performance at work or in sports, at little doses, this strain is said to provide a boost in energy levels, and mood. At higher doses, expect an intense visual journey, a very twisted sense of space and time, a powerful body high and of course, a hyper-sensitivity that will make you truly believe in the powers of the Jedi.
If you are ready for the force, this is your pick.

Since McKenna and Pollock’s original isolations that led to the creation of the one and only Penis Envy, many new strains have seen the light of day. It is undeniable that the ongoing manipulations of agile mycologist-engineers, the world of mushrooms is giving way to a new generation of odd-looking sub-strain hybrids; WJMF is just another beloved seed in the ocean of possibilities.

Origin: A very special strain from British Columbia made by crossing Albino Penis Envy with Jedi Mind Fuck.

Potency: Due to its lineage, WJMF is a very potent strain that is recommended for experienced users.

Effects: Vivid visual hallucinations, intense euphoria and laughter combined with periods of deep introspection. This strain has been proven to help users who are experiencing stress, anxiety, and even PTSD.

Trip Report

Ingested 2 grams

“I had a lot of visual hallucinations with very bright colours and distortion, it was amazing. The effects took 2 hours to appear and lasted at least 4-5 hours. I’m used to micro-dosing with golden teacher; needless to say it was a very different trip but still lots of fun.”



10 reviews for White Jedi Mind Fuck

  1. Logan Perez

    Very good trips, very uplifting and not overwhelming

  2. Ronan Long

    These are lovely and not too intense. Just perfect and good vibes.

  3. Harvey Hoffman

    I will be buying again!

  4. Kinsley Schultz

    I was very happy with my purchase

  5. Amina James

    Awesome mushrooms great service

  6. Davis Fowler

    Very great potency

  7. Carson Rogers

    Had a blast on a 5gram dose, went to a star observatory and took off 12am came back to earth just in time to watch a beautiful sunset on a calm down. Will order once I finish my batch!

  8. Harmony Waters

    Powerful. Body high and great visuals and I don’t usually get much for visuals. Overwhelming love and peace washed over me. Some laughter. Have used these a couple times now and same result. 2.5g which is my regular dose. Ended with insight, clarity, peace and feeling of being blessed.

  9. Spencer Robinson

    Great white monster mushrooms were excellent. Will definitely order again. Good visuals in a dark room… i’d say they’re a close runner up to penis envy If you don’t want to spend that extra cash.

  10. Valerie Long

    I’ve bought theses 4 times now they’re my go to

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