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Mexican Cubensis


Buy Mexican Cubensis Magic Mushrooms Online at Dispensary Official website branch in USA, Canada, Australia with guaranteed overnight/next day delivery  Psilocybe mexicana is a species in the group of psilocybin mushrooms (also including P. tampanensis, and to a lesser extent P. cinctulus) that are known to produce sclerotia—hardened masses of mycelium that function in nature as a way for the organism to survive unfavorable conditions (nutrient depletion, drought, freezing, etc). You may hear the sclerotia of these species also called truffles, but technically this is a biological misnomer.Buy Shrooms Online Canada From a mycological perspective, unlike sclerotia, truffles are reproductive structures—subterranean spore containers that spread their genetic payload through consumption by animals and subsequent excretion into new environments. True truffle-producing species are typically ectomycorrhizal,meaning their existence relies on a symbiotic relationship with specific host tree species. Though identified in close proximity to a variety of trees, P. mexicana’s preferred habitat is manure-rich grassland, which caused Paul Stamets to nickname these the “Mexican liberty cap” due to the two species’ affinity for similar environments. Buy Mexican Cubensis Magic Mushrooms Online

In most countries where psilocybin containing mushrooms are currently illegal, P. mexicana is no different. One exception to this is in the Netherlands, where the sclerotia themselves are legal, despite psilocybin-containing mushrooms (including P. mexicana and 185 other species) being illegal since 2008. When the ban was enacted by the Dutch government, sclerotia were excluded on the basis that they were considered to be weaker than mushrooms; but as you’ll read in the potency section, this may not always be the case! Buy shrooms

Intended use – Traditional Micro Dosing/Macro Dosing (full effect, trip, etc.)

Recommended Dosages – Using a weighing device (scale) measure pieces of the mushrooms in order to reach intended micro dose amount.  Start small at 0.1g – 0.25g increase amount only after continually micro dosing for a week at an individuals chosen amount 1 – 2 times/day.  If an individual is looking for a Macro dose otherwise known as the psychedelic effect; consume in one sitting 1.25g – 2g (beginner), 2g – 4g (intermediate), 4-7 (experienced), 7g+ (Hero Dose!) Buy Magic mushrooms online usa

Effects – Our most spiritual mushroom!  Great for self discovery, connecting with the world/universe, bonding with a partner, spiritual enlightenment.  It was used by the Aztecs for thousands of years, so you know it has a reliable history behind it.




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