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Nepalese Chitwan Mushroom


Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs
45-60 mins
 Duration 4-5 hrs

Nepal chitwan fungal jungle magic mushroom trip report. After 45 minutes, you’re staring down at your feet in the shower. The water is warm, the plughole small. It begins to grow as the mushrooms take effect, widening and lengthening. It’s a tunnel that seems to go on forever, the edges glowing purple. You toe at it, wondering what could be down there. You realise your leg is being sucked in, and your entire body follows.

Nepalese Chitwan Mushroom For Sale Shipping Discreet

Nepalese Chitwan Mushroom For Sale Shipping Discreet. In this strange dimension, shapes are shifting all around you. Sharp, geometric patterns switch and change, darting before your eyes. A mirror comes forward, bringing itself out from the background of shapes. In the mirror, you see your reflection, but something is different because your reflection is moving without you. It has a mind and movements of its own.

The Unknown Shadow Shape Shifter | Chitwan Mushroom For Sale Shipping Discreet

The unknown shape speaks to you. It talks of the stars, the energy that fills everything in your life. Next, it opens its mouth, and deep within you see a whole universe. A bright, sparkling world of planets and exploding galaxies. A whirlwind of existence, all on the other side of the mirror. All in that one, small mouth. Your mouth. You reach your hand out to touch it, but the mirror twists, and you fall. You look around, dazed. The stars are there, above you. The galaxies awash with pink and purple light. You’re inspired and you know why you were meant to exist. Now the only thing left for you to do is to fulfil your purpose.

Nepal Chitwan Magic Mushroom Information

CAP: The cap is 20-70mm in size, hemispheric expanding to nearly plane with age. It’s a golden-brown colour, maturing to a light brown. Small remnants of the universal veil when young that disappear at maturity. The flesh of the mushroom is yellowish white and bruises bluish green when damaged.

GILLS: The gill attachment on this mushie is adnate to adnexed. Its yellow colour darkens at maturity, and remnants of the partial veil stay attached to the outer circumference of the cap.

STEM: F.J’s stem is 150-200mm in length, with a yellow reflective sheen to it. Its shape is enlarged at the base, but typically equal size throughout, moreover, it bruises semi hollow and bluish green when damaged.

SPORES: The spores on this Shroom are a dark purplish brown, and subellipsoid on four-spored basidia.

HABITAT: This mushie grew up around rhinos and elephants. He’s no stranger to the larger things in life. He’s dung-loving, and thrives in the grasses of his natural, jungle home.

Nepalese Magic Mushroom Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Effects are listed for entertainment purposes only according to the estimated average response of most users. Make sure you’re aware and fully informed of the dosage and mushroom type before using these spores for microscopy research. Do not use magic mushrooms or illegal substances. Don’t combine mushrooms with medications nor drive under the influence of magic mushrooms, nor use if you’re depressed and or have psychotic tendencies. We do not wish anyone to act in conflict with their local laws.

Potency: Its power is medium but very well balanced. It is recommend for beginners to intermediate users.

Effects: At low doses the perception of reality hardly changes, but with medium or high doses visions and laughter get quite out of control.

Trip Report

Ingested 3 grams

“I looked down at the carpet bobbing my head to the awesome bass. Suddenly, the carpet began revealing geometric patterns that started spreading out over the entire floor. They didn’t move, but I had never seen such an intricate pattern. Drawings seemed to become 3D. I started laughing at how fun this was. Soon, I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom, but as I stared at the checkered shower curtain, I began to feel like I was looking into a different dimension. It seemed like the curtain was a portal to a different realm. Looking down at the floorboards, I couldn’t tell if they were raised or sunken in.”




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