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Mckennaii Magic Mushrooms

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This special strain was created artificially in a lab with a specific objective in mid; large yields and intense psychedelic effects.

This type of hallucinogenic mushroom was named after one of the biggest magic mushroom activists,

the writer, ethnobotanist, “psychonaut” and historian Terence McKenna.

This strain can produce more mushrooms after harvesting, and is known for its thick stem and rounded caps.

It grows quite fast and isn’t that complicated to take care of. It’s quite a potent strain, though, so we do not recommend

it for the less-experienced.




9 reviews for Mckennaii Magic Mushrooms

  1. Jane Mills

    Mood and especially visual effects are first rate, great cultivar.

  2. August Allen

    Great product quality and potency. My first experience with these and I will repeat. Nice, clean packaging too.

  3. Erick Clark

    Great product! Super fresh and a great happy trip 🙂

  4. Luna Thomas

    Shopping is excellent and, of course, you can get your fresh mushrooms! I always reserve the quantity I want to use for special dinners

  5. Ezra Mccarty

    Good experience. I ate 3.5g and it was strong. Delivery was quick. Not bad taste. Interesting visuals, relaxation and introspection.
    I would like to try liberty caps sometime.

  6. Bowen Lambert

    I will be back for more, I love it.

  7. Saylor Gray

    Very good, was a great experience

  8. Logan Parson

    It was ok for a first experience but was very mild, but I might just have a high tolerance.

  9. Briella Evans

    Tried these before and they always do the trick. Warm and happy feeling, good geometric visuals when taking a bigger dose ~3ish~ grams, went and enjoyed some christmas lights!

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