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Mushroom British Columbia

(19 customer reviews)


Take 1g and wait for 3 hrs
45-60 mins
 Duration 4-5 hrs

Mushroom British Columbia

Buy mushroom british columbia online. One of the first documented uses of psilocybin mushrooms occurred in Vancouver. Today, British Columbia mushrooms are widely known to flourish in the wild grasses of nearby fields. mushroom british columbia for sale. what are magic mushrooms. A common Pacific Northwest psilocybin mushroom is the liberty cap. These are small and slender mushrooms that grow among well-established grasses, on lawns, or in pastures. These Vancouver mushrooms appear mostly in the fall but can show up in late summer to winter, and even in the spring, depending on their location. british columbia mushroom identification.

Magic mushrooms often grow next to other mushrooms, so there is a risk of misidentification. So, picking your own magic mushrooms can be a pretty risky business, unless you really know what you’re doing. Your best and safest bet is to simply and easily order your shrooms from Zoomies.

British Columbia and the Magic Mushroom

British Columbia is a natural for those who love the outdoors, and for those who enjoy a natural high from some pretty trippy mushrooms while being transformed by the environment. This province has something for everyone. From beautiful European-like cities, remote islands, and diverse ecosystems, to waterfalls, pristine rivers, lakes, and parkland. Enjoy a hot cup of shrooms tea before a hike. When your senses are heightened with Zoomie shrooms, the forests come alive. mushroom british columbia.

The best way to acquire and enjoy magic mushrooms is to order them from the Zoomies online store and have them delivered right to your door. Zoomies deliver to cities all over British Columbia, like Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond, Abbotsford, and others. We provide the most lab-tested magic mushrooms on the market. Our online experience can’t be easier, or more informative. british columbia mushroom identification. magic mushrooms.

Origin: Commonly found magic mushrooms in the pacific North west. This strain normally grows naturally outdoors but this phenotype is grown indoors on wood chips.

Potency: This strain is as strong as PE. Very potent, not for beginner but more for the explorer.

Effects: It has a very very strong head high. Often you think visuals are not coming after 30 minutes of this strong head high, you get a burst of energy but then on a blink of an eye you are in full trip with uncontrollable visuals. magic mushrooms.

Trip Report

Ingested 2.5 grams

“I have honestly never tripped as hard as i have in my life as i did today, the hallucinations while not harmful were quite intense, we are talking in the realm of walking into a room, continuing to walk out the room and still some how manage to be back in that same damn room coupled with some of the most intense open eye visuals i have ever experienced to say the least!”



19 reviews for Mushroom British Columbia

  1. Blakely Johnson

    I ate 7 grams and it was too strong. I lost my mind for 4-5 hours. My eyes were blurry and cannot communicate with anybody. Please do not eat top much like me if you want to have fun.

  2. Nolan Stokes

    Great, this one takes you to a tríp of introspection and healing. My depression and anxiety got relieved by the answers this type of medicine (Blue Angels) provided. Strong enough for the job

  3. Arya Nelson

    Fantastic I feel as if the world is my safe place

  4. Emilia Stokes

    my dumb ass ate 5 grams because I’m a seasoned tripper and 5g of normal Blue Angels Magic Mushrooms is more than manageable for me. this strain is insanely strong, within 20 minutes my walls were shifting around like i was on dmt. felt like i was on a deadliest catch boat for about 2 hours and had to call some buddies over to help my spaghettied self. after i came back to my senses i felt like a new man. 10/10 would not recommend 5gs for ur 1st time taking these, start with 2g at most lol

  5. Callum Phillips

    Worked quickly and well.

  6. Lyla Nelson

    Blue Angels Magic Mushrooms are the quintessential mushroom strain. Honestly makes me feel good and upbeat right into the next couple of days. Maybe it’s all the laughter that fires off some positive vibes in the brain.

  7. Alaya Cooper

    loved these, very visual, great product

  8. Rylie Thompson

    The walls are still moving😳

  9. Maxwell Edwards

    Intense amazing visual experience. Top shelf product, very potent.

  10. Elijah Bennet

    Not for beginners! I had just 1 and 1/2 of these and was totally zonked! I am a big guy as well. 6’2″ 245lbs. These hit me quickly and they hit like a ton of bricks lol! I had mild hallucinations for about an hour. I enjoyed these very much but could see if someone ate a few too many, you may have a bad trip.

  11. Hope Young

    Started with a small dose and worked up over a few weeks to about 3 grams. Incredible synesthetic effect, mystical, ego death, altered perception, echos of past, present and future all in one. Best to know your center and work outwards towards enlightened experience, changed my heart for the better.

  12. Brooke Mills

    OMG this product is insane!! Worthed the few bucks over I spent… the story lasted for more then 6 hours… amazing night 😀

  13. Athena Ross

    Hold on to your brain, you’re going for a ride. 😵‍💫

  14. Lilah Floyd

    The strongest I’ve ever tried. I took 4 grams and was transported to another dimension and parallel universes! Excellent product that hits hard, definitely not for beginners.

  15. Gabrielle Lewis

    These little odd shaped mushrooms are cool, they look amazing. Each shroom has a deep blue throughout. We cut a tiny one in half and both of us had an awesome night. Then I Tried little pieces for micro dosing for pain relief ( I have RA) and for hours forgot about my joint pain. Wow. So far my favorite! I’ll be stocking up on these!

  16. Makayla Thomas

    This product is insane!

  17. Lily Lindsey

    Great, this one takes you to a tríp of introspection and healing. My depression and anxiety got relieved by the answers this type of medicine (Blue Angels) provided. Strong enough for the job

  18. Lily Lindsey

    I took 4 grams of these, been doing mushrooms for 10 years. Hands down the strongest experience i ever had, and i have had 5-6 grams in the past and weren’t as good as these. Just so people know, when you order 14grams. ONE mushroom literally weighs that much, had to chop it up. Best visuals i ever had in my life, walls were moving, colours were constantly changing, my vision was extremely altered to a point where i was literally watching my best friend walking through walls. My ego disappeared, i was at peace and extreme calmness only enjoying the sounds of the air and vibrant colours and smells around me. My thoughts and mental state were fairly easy to control on this strain considering the amount i took, i had an amazing body high. It also made me and my friend feel extremely drunk the entire time, it was difficult to walk and control balance. Overall this is definitely not made for beginners, but experienced users looking for a spiritual trip this will definitely help you. MMD has solid strains, have had other strains from other sites, has never been these strong ever!

  19. Jocelyn Bennet

    Best quality value

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