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Huatla Magic Mushrooms

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The tall, thin, and uniquely capped appearance of the Huatla Mushrooms may give you an innocent and unassuming impression of the shrooms but looks truly can be deceiving as Huatla is extremely potent in its own right.

A Psilocybe cubensis strain originating from the village of Huautla de Jímenez in the Oaxaca state of Mexico, Huatla Mushrooms are highly potent with immense psychedelic effects accompanied by smooth euphoria. The Huatla high begins with visual hallucinations and as it advances, the hallucinations become stronger and more life-like. A few more chomps of the mushroom will lead you to experience temporal distortions brought about by synesthesia wracking your mind.

The recommended dosage by West Coast Supply is 1.5g for beginners, between 2g and 3.5g for average users, and more experienced users can get the high they’ve been craving for at above 3 grams. Medical patients can also appreciate this shroom’s therapeutic benefits in stabilizing the mood to instantly relieve anxiety and depression.



4 reviews for Huatla Magic Mushrooms

  1. Grace Cruz

    Perfect for my microdosing. Very enlightening.

  2. Sebastian Diaz

    My friend and I tried these and the euphoria and visuals were incredible!! Next time, I may try these alone to see what happens. I would definitely purchase again!

  3. Camille Turner

    These are amazing. Very fun experience. Definitely worth a try!

  4. Cecilia Howard

    These were absolutely amazing! One of my favs so far

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