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    Amazonas is strong, energetic and joyful and delivers a psychedelic experience worthy of shamans and soul searchers, originally used for spiritual journeys by the Indians of the Vaup├ęs in the jungle of northwest Brazil, near and across the Columbian border. Visuals can be amazing especially in nature.

    The lightning-fast colonisation speed may result in the first mushrooms appearing in 10 days. Although it is not the easiest strain to grow it may produce some very nice flushes. The number of mushrooms may not be very big but the size more than compensates for this. Fruitbodies are very solid and have a massive stem topped by an exotic cap with a pronounced nipple.

    Cold-shocking is definitely required for this one or else the mycelium will completely cover the casing and this makes watering more difficult. This condition also causes mushrooms to only form on the sides of the trays (which will lower your yields)

    These cubensis magic mushroom growkits are very easy to use. Everyone can do it in every home.

    Click on the Growkit Manual link below to read the grow instructions online or to save/download the pdf file.
    Just follow the 7 simple steps. After 3 weeks you could start producing up to 300 grams of fresh Amazonian mushrooms with several more flushes following.

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